Lonnie Colley lands the win on Sangchris!!

Posted in Bass Club on April 1st, 2015 by Brad

On March 29th, 2015, the Gillespie Bass Club held their second tournament of the season on Sangchris Lake. Located north of here near Pawnee, Sangchris is another well known power plant lake that the club visits on a yearly basis. Once known for its state record striped bass, this lake also holds an abundance of big crappie and some bucketmouth bass. It’s not uncommon for a  7 lb bass and the occasional 8 pounder to be landed early in the season. On this day, the club was welcomed with high winds and water temps in the mid to upper 40’s. Not your best conditions for fishing. As always, someone found the fish. Results are as follows:

1st, Lonnie Colley, 3 fish, 10.23 lbs.

2nd, Aaron Hankins, 3 fish, 9.50 lbs.

3rd, Greg Saterlee, 3 fish, 9.26 lbs.

Big Bass, Aaron Hankins, 5.54 lbs. (Note: Aaron’s fish takes over current big bass of the 2015 season beating out Nathan Troeklers 5.36lb from Coffeen.)

36 anglers participated with 21 weighing in 39 fish for a total weight of 121.90 lbs

Complete Tournament Results are HERE

Year to Date Standings are HERE

Photos from Sangchris are HERE

Greg Satterlee kicks off season with win at Coffeen!!!

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On March 15th, 2015, the Gillespie bass club held their first tournament of the 2015 season on well known Coffeen Lake. The Powerplant lake that draws attention as a tournament hotspot and angling paradise for many years is always one of our early lakes that everyone looks forward to. The results are as follows:

1st, Greg Satterlee, 3 fish, 7.32 lbs.
2nd, Chris Young, 3 fish, 7.10 lbs.
3rd, Mike Bekeske, 3 fish, 7.09 lbs.
Big Bass, Nathan Troekler, 5.36 lbs.

32 anglers participated with 28 weighing in 48 fish for a total weight of 120.38 lbs.

Complete tournament results and YTD standings can be viewed HERE

Photos from Coffeen tournament are HERE

Also, check out the new current big bass page I have added on the sidebar. Did some tweaking!

Club Banquet “Reschedule”

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As you all know, the club banquet was cancelled due to the recent bad weather we had and adverse travel conditions. As of the last meeting, the club has decided on a new date.

Here’s the info:

Where: Litchfield Country Club

When: March 21, 2015

Time: Happy Hour 6:00, Dinner at 7:00.

Award ceremony and 50/50′s will follow the meal.

Directions and info about the country club can be viewed HERE

Otter Lake Tournament Series

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Just a heads up:

Those of you who are interested in fishing the Otter Lake Circuit again, the schedule can be found by clicking the link in the side bar or clicking HERE

Any Questions feel free to contact Colin Overmyer or Levi Rosentretter

2015 Schedule

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The 2015 schedule is now up. It can be viewed on the side bar or by following this link HERE

Next Meeting , March 2, 2015

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Next meeting is scheduled for March 2, 2015, 7:00pm, Crawdaddies Tavern, Mt. Olive.

We will be drawing for two tournaments that evening. Coffeen on the 15th and Sangchris on the 29th.

This is an important meeting for we have a lot to discuss about the upcoming season and we need all members who intend on fishing these next two tournaments, to be in attendance.

2015 Tournament Schedule

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Currently working on getting the schedule up. Still need some times and verifications but the schedule is a good one and we are about ready to kick off another season for the Gillespie Bass Club!!! Stay Tuned

Happy New Year!!!

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The Gillespie Bass Club is looking forward to a new year of fishing and wishing everyone well in 2015!!!!! Stay Tuned! Season is just around the corner.

Lonnie Gerdes is your 2014 Angler of the Year!!!

Posted in Bass Club on October 17th, 2014 by Brad

Growing up around the Gillespie Bass Club since I could carry a fishing pole, I remember listening to my dad tell stories about fishing trips and how the day on the lake went. Sure some of these were probably fish tales, as many anglers have, but one thing you couldn’t deny was the fact Lonnie Gerdes was always a name you would hear or see in the list of the Top Anglers. The Gillespie Bass Club was founded in 1975. Lonnie may not have been a founding member but I do believe he joined the club within the next couple years. Lonnie dumps his heart and soul into this club. Along with many, many hours on the water. He is a darn good fisherman and knows these lakes very well. Lonnie is no stranger to fisherman of the year. He has claimed the title in 84, back to back years of 02,03 and then again in 06. So it is no surprise that a 2014 title was waiting for him. On that note, lets take our hats off and congratulate one of our well known members on his accomplishment.

Colin Overmeyer wins Top Ten Classic held at Sangchris!!!

Posted in Bass Club on October 17th, 2014 by Brad

At the end of the regular season, those who have compiled the most points at the end of the year, get to compete in the clubs top ten fish off. Also known as the classic, the top ten anglers at the end of the season will meet at chosen lake and compete for the classic title. This year the lake was Sangchris. The results of that tournament are as follows:

1st, Colin Overmeyer, 3 fish, 11.84 lbs. Big bass: 4.86 lbs.
2nd, Karl Tallman , 3 fish, 8.48 lbs.
3rd, JQ Halteman, 2 fish, 6.45 lbs.
4th, Roger Large, 2 fish, 5.76 lbs.
5th, Greg Satterlee, 2 fish, 5.15 lbs.
6th, Lonnie Gerdes, 2 fish, 4.19 lbs.
7th, Chad Satterlee, 1 fish, 3.02 lbs.
8th, Mark Caselton, 1 fish, 2.29 lbs.
9th, Lonnie Colley
9th, Butch Revelle