Greg Satterlee wins again at tough Gillespie!!

On August 23, 2015, the Gillespie Bass Club held their 11th tournament of the winding down 2015 season on their home lake of Gillespie. A lake familiar to all the club from its Wednesday night pot tournaments and just a lake that has been in the circuit schedule from the early 70’s. Always rated one of the top lakes in Illinois, the normal tournament fisherman will question that rating. Many anglers agree that the lake harbors some very large fish. The problem is the abundant amount of forage. The shad population is so thick that a bass only has to yawn to get a full belly. Yearly creel surveys show large number of bass in the 5 plus lb range hanging out very close to the ramp. Rumor has it this lake has also shown promise of holding a new state record. That much bait, why wouldn’t it? Results are as follows:

1st, Greg Saterlee, 2 fish, 5.16 lbs.

2nd, Roger Large, 2 fish, 4.28 lbs.

3rd, Bill Augustine, 1 fish, 3.93 lbs.

Big Bass, Bill Augustine, 3.93 lbs.

29 fisherman participated with 9 weighing in 11 fish for a total weight of 26.87 lbs.

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Meeting Change / His Her Tourney

Hello guys, first on the agenda, Gillespie Results will be posted soon. Second, due to the labor day holiday, the next club meeting has been moved to September 14th, 7:00, Crawdaddies. Lastly, since the His/Her tournament will fall before our next meeting, we need a headcount of all of those who plan on fishing.

Please contact JQ Halteman asap!!!


Pat Lesicko wins tough one on Carlyle!!

On July 26th, the Gillespie Bass Club held their 10th tourney of the season on the 26,000 acre reservoir known as Carlyle. This much water, one would think that an angler could find fish anywhere. Although I was not able to make this tourney, rumor has it the guys who did fish were greeted with early morning storms that caused some to seek shelter. A great way to start any fishing outing, once safety was no longer an issue, the guys headed out to tackle the higher water. Some said the water looked the best it ever has as far as clarity and fishing conditions seemed perfect. No luck. The fish didn’t want to eat and only a small handful were lucky to get bit. As always and I always say it, someone finds the fish. Results are as follows:

1st, Pat Lesicko, 2 fish, 5.38 lbs.
2nd, Nathan Troeckler, 2 fish, 4.29 lbs.
3rd, Joe Slemer, 1 fish, 4.13 lbs.
Big Bass, Joe Slemer, 4.13 lbs.

25 anglers participated with only 6 weighing in 9 fish for a total WHOPPING weight of 23.45 lbs.

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Kids Tournament

Kids tournament is slated for August 9th, 8:00-12:00 at Litchfield lake. Once again we will be needing information regarding how many kids will be fishing and their shirt sizes. Please contact JQ Halteman as soon as possible!!! 217-556-3796

This is always a great time for the kids and their families. Thanks in advance to those who always donate their time in making this day a great success.

Bob Wyatt back to business with win at Carlinville!!!

On July 12th, 2015, the Gillespie Bass Club held their 9th tournament of the season on Carlinville lake. Located just north of Gillespie, this is a lake that many fisherman have heard of, but due to its smaller size, often drove on by and never gave this lake a chance. The lake once held the state record largemouth back in the late sixties or early seventies. It still has its numbers of good fish but it now enforces a 12 inch length limit. A good place to go if you ever want to catch some fish sandwiches. Weather conditions were perfect for the day but a mere few hours prior to take off, the area was hit by a huge storm causing the bite to slow down. Results are as follows:

1st, Bob Wyatt, 5 fish, 9.37 lbs.
2nd, Matt Stieren, 5 fish, 8.71 lbs.
3rd, Mark Stieren, 5 fish, 8.62 lbs.
Big Bass, Karl Tallman, 4.29 lbs.

34 fisherman participated with 30 weighing in 94 fish for a total weight of 157.26 lbs.

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July Meeting

Just a reminder. Next meeting is Monday, July 6th, 7:00 pm. We will be drawing for two tournaments this evening. Carlinville which is July 12th and Carlyle which is July 26th. Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July Weekend!!

Until Then…

Bill Augustine wins the club two-day on the Ohio!!!

On June 26th and 27th, The Gillespie Bass Club held their 8th tournament of the season on the Ohio River. A tourney that is always slated as one of the clubs annual two day fishing tournaments, the Ohio River is a destination anglers from multiple states venture to tackle its many creeks and tributaries that the Smithland Pool has to offer. This year, the club was faced with a meaner river with tougher fishing conditions. Talk on the water says the pool is losing its luster and the fish just aren’t there like they use to be. Though the bite wasn’t the best this year, anglers still found fish! Results are as follows:
Two day total and final weights:
1st, Bill Augustine, 9 fish, 12.19 lbs.

2nd, Lonnie Gerdes, 6 fish, 11.29 lbs.

3rd, Ian Binney, 3 fish, 8.62 lbs.

Big Bass, Ian Binney, 4.20 lbs.
Note: Ian also took the Big Bass side pot on Day 1 of the tourney with a fish weighing 3.39 lbs!!

After two days, 20 anglers participated with 19 weighing in 76 fish for a total weight of 121.52 lbs.

Complete tournament results are HERE

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Winners 1st to 3rd and Big Bass, Left to Right

Ohio River Two Day…

Just one last reminder that our two day tourney is slated for this coming weekend. June 27 and 28th.
Still plenty of time to get ahold of our tournament director and get in. For those of you going down early, best of luck and be careful. Now I’m going to stand up on my soap box a talk a little.

Smithland pool is a river system. At anytime, water levels and river traffic can change. Keep this in mind when running the main river. River traffic, mainly barges, can push a wake like no other and if you aren’t familiar with it, it could be dangerous. Weather conditions, mainly fog, seem to always be an issue on the river early in the morning. If you cant see, don’t run. Play it safe until the fog burns off. Also, with all this rain we had and possible high water, please watch for debris in the river when running. Its not uncommon for a whole cottonwood tree to suddenly come floating up at last minute. Keep your eyes on your 12 at all times.

We have been going down to this river for many years and it has always been a great getaway that has left behind great stories and great memories. Lets keep that tradition alive by being safe this weekend. Off my soapbox.

See ya all on the water!!

Four days and a wake up.


Karl Tallman takes the prize at Litchfield!!

On June 14th, 2015, the Gillespie bass Club held their 7th tournament on nearby Litchfield lake. A lake that most if not all club anglers know, this lake has been on our schedule for years. Home to many mid state open tournaments and weekly pot tournaments, this lake definitely sees it share of boat traffic and the bass see their share of lures! Cloudy with intermittent rain was the forecast for the day. The water has a little color to it and the temp ranged anywhere from mid to upper 70’s depending where you were. Talk of some fish still being on beds and fish being brought to the scales with bloody tails confirmed that the spawn was still underway for some of the females. The results are as follows:

1st, Karl Tallman, 3 fish, 10.06 lbs.

2nd, Kevin Troekler, 2 fish, 8.44 lbs.

3rd, Bob Fulton, 3 fish, 7.88 lbs.

Big Bass, Kevin Troekler, 4.68 lbs.

34 anglers participated with 22 weighing in 39 fish for a total weight of 101.30 lbs.

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Just a reminder….

17 days till the Ohio River Two-day.

Still time to call your tournament director and get in!!!

Attached is a google maps that you can navigate and see where some of the creeks are located along the Smithland Pool. Click and zoom to navigate.

Map is HERE